Most crystals and gemstones, in jewelry or on their own, will pick up negative or unwanted energies over time. They are a bit like sponges absorbing and reacting to the environment’s energies. Citrine and Selenite are two crystals that do not absorb negative energy and never need cleansing.




Dry sea salt is the best to use, but in a pinch, you can use a non-iodine salt. Please be cautious with some stones in the salt, because it may damage your crystal and/or mineral if placed directly into the salt. Another way to use the salt would be to place the crystal or mineral in a smaller dish than the salt and place that dish on top of the salt. This will protect your healing stones from any damage the salt may cause.


I recommend using salt water very carefully, if at all. You need to know about your crystals to be sure that they are not porous or soft, so they won’t be damaged by water. Salt water can get into the structure of some crystals and stones and cause them to break. When you do use salt water, do so cautiously and don’t leave your crystals in it longer than absolutely necessary. Also, salt water leaves a green oxidization residue on sterling silver.




COOL Tap Water: For a quick cleansing, you can also run your stones under cool tap water. Hot, very cold, or warm water can fracture some crystals and stones. Be sure that your crystals are not porous or soft, first. A natural source such as a stream, a lake, a river, rain or waterfall is an even better choice. Place or hold your crystal in the water source of your choice. The length of time needed for cleansing is up to you. When the crystal feels light, and you can feel the energy flowing within the crystal, it is cleared and ready for reprogramming.




Place your crystal outside on the earth or in a house plant for a day or more.




Some stones will clear the negative or unwanted energies from other stones. Place the stone to be cleared on a the “clearing” stone, and leave for 24-48 hours. Quartz clusters are good for this, but would need to be cleansed itself after doing this a couple of times due to its ability to absorb energies. A Selenite log or pillow is the best clearing stone to use, as it does not absorb energy and never requires cleansing.




Smudging is a quick way to cleanse crystals. You can use sage, a divine incense such as Nag Champa or Frankincense or palo santo wood to smudge. Simply light the smudge material the blow it out. Hold the crystal and/or mineral in the smoke that is created. Pass your stone several times through the smoke.




This is too simple for most peoples’ need for ritual, but it does work wonderfully. Simply ask the Divine (God/Universe or whatever your higher power is called) to clear and energetically cleanse your crystal for you. You can envision a divine light or violet flame vibration originating from the heavens, penetrating through you and the crystal and finally into the center of the Earth. This is a way of channeling the universal life force energy to heal the crystal of negativity and unwanted energies. Set your intent to heal the stone of any negativity or unwanted energies.


Trust your intuition and higher self to lead you to the best methods and lengths of time for you and the stone.



To receive the most benefit from your crystals, it is essential to regularly charge or energize your crystals. Some methods of clearing described above will automatically cleanse your crystals, but it is ideal to cultivate the habit of frequently or consciously charging your crystals. The preferred method is to place the crystals outside or on a windowsill, preferably at either a full moon or a new moon for both a night and day exposure.


Full sun exposure should be minimized for light sensitive crystals listed below – indirect daylight works just as well.














Rose Quartz

Smoky Quartz


When working with crystals, sometimes it is essential for them to be programmed. To program your crystal, place the crystal in your hands and mentally focus for a period of time on what it is that you wish for the crystal to accomplish and/or help you with. This program will stay within the crystal until it is cleansed and reprogrammed.





Gemstones have rough edges and small holes that can fray the wire in bracelets and necklaces. To help your jewelry to last, it is recommended that you not exercise or do any heavy work in your jewelry. If you must have it on, place it in your pocket instead. Do not swim or shower in your jewelry. Some crystals cannot tolerate salt and none of them like chlorine. Do not sleep in your jewelry. If you want the energies while sleeping, place the jewelry under your pillow. When not in use, store your jewelry in a plastic bag or anti-tarnish pouch. Minimal exposure to air will help prevent sterling silver from tarnishing. Treat your bracelet with care and it will give you long-lasting good energy!




DO NOT SWIM OR SHOWER in your leather bracelet. Water, chlorine, salt, etc. will deteriorate both the leather and the thread, causing them to become brittle and weak, which will lead them to break. Treat a leather bracelet as you would an expensive leather coat – don’t get it wet. Also some crystals cannot tolerate salt and none like chlorine! Treat your bracelet with care and it will give you long-lasting good energy!

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